A ministry of Repentance and Holiness 

Guiding Principles

The FATHER’s great love for us is worthy of our ultimate response

Enjoying the Great Commission (life of obedience to GOD [implied] and ministry) is the appropriate evidence of the ultimate response to the love of the FATHER. (Jn 4:34)

Everyone deserves to hear the Gospel

Every Christian can be transformed by the HOLY SPIRIT to enjoy the Great Commission.

The Scriptures are our only source of Mandate and principles

Each member knows that they are empowered and equipped by the HOLY SPIRIT for the Great Commission in their sphere of ‘influence’ – locality, family, friends, etc

A minimum goal for each member will be to:

  •  Baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT
  •  Know how to be in tune with and be led the HOLY SPIRIT (Rom 8:14)
  •  Live by faith and obedience to the WORD of GOD
  •  Live for eternity not for this age
  •  Share the Gospel consistently, simply, opportunistically, faithfully, effectively and expectantly
  •  Not covert the things of this world
  •  Willing to lay down their lives for eternal life in CHRIST
  •  Be bold and faithful in the face of persecution and suffering