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Today's Verse:

 "You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me into glory."

Psalm 73:24

The revival church, the future of the church is the youth.

"...if you want to kill a forest if I find you cutting down the big trees, I might laugh and walk away... If you are cutting the big trees and you say you are trying to destroy this forest; but if I find you cutting down the young seedlings, the young trees, I will tremble. I will know that this man has finished this forest. And that's why when THE LORD spoke about the days that will be perilous; the days that will be evil inside it, if you look carefully, you see the universities... And so the enemy would have to attack the youth more vigorously, more virulently, more violently to succeed. And that's why what THE LORD is doing is the antidote; He's going for the youth and establishing the antidote. He's saying, "Not anymore now. Revival must continue. The future must come. You cannot destroy all." --Prophet Dr Owuor


Overcoming Sexual Sin Part 1

"If you can be able to understand the gravity of sexual sin, then you can be able to shut that door and that if you are able to shut that door then many other doors can be shut now."

Overcoming Sexual Sin Part 2

"The LORD GOD in Heaven that created you, when He sees you going into sexual sin, in other words, He is seeing you entering a highway to the grave."

The Youth & The Church

...the only way the youth church of today can be restored back to producing fruit of the kind JESUS did, is definitely going to come from connecting them to He that is the True Vine, and keeping them in contact with Him

His Sons No More

GOD Almighty is fully devoted to the redemption and restoration of His people whenever they drift away. In His plans, The LORD is often steadfast to reinstate the shattered ruins of their lives...

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